Who We are

Come on into La Magie, where we’ll offer you a hot drink, delicious treat, breakfast, lunch and a cozy seat in one of our tufted armchairs. Whether you’re in search of European pastries, international breads, breakfast, sandwiches or a gourmet dessert, cake, or cookie, we’ve got something to make every sweet tooth sing. If you’re in the mood for a meal, why not try one of our freshly-baked savory pastries, hot soup, or a deli sandwich on homemade bread? 


La Magie is proud to offer a 100% from-scratch menu comprised of the finest ingredients, such as Belgian chocolate, real butter, fresh cream, and all-natural flavorings from Europe. 


Experienced owner and operator Di Long was mentored under Marda Stoliar, owner of The International School of Baking. Ms. Stoliar also consulted for La Magie Bakery, so our customers can enjoy our food and beverages with confidence.


In addition to a premium menu, La Magie has devoted time and energy to creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re visiting us for a date, business meeting, or study session, we’re certain you’ll feel right at home with us. We’re also proud to offer free WiFi. Short on time? Swing by and grab a loaf of bread or a gourmet dessert on your way home from work.

What People Say

The éclairs are light and rich, only falling short because one might want to indulgently down a dozen or so.

The Source Weekly

What We Do

  • We have fresh pastries every morning
  • We bake our bread up every day
  • We have a full breakfast menu
  • We customize cake for all sort of occasions
  • We also do WEDDING cake
  • We make our own soup daily

We Offer:

  • Breakfast All Day
  • Coffee & Espresso
  • Sandwiches
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Baking Classes
  • Daily Fresh Soup

What We Strive To Do

Customer Service100%
Local Product100%